Bài mẫu về chủ đề Talk About Ho Chi Minh City

Minh Trí Minh Trí

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Talk about Ho Chi Minh City

Hướng dẫn lập dàn ý chủ đề Talk about Ho Chi Minh City

  • How long have you lived in Ho Chi Minh City? ( Bạn sống ở TPHCM bao lâu rồi?)
  • What do you like most about Ho Chi Minh City? (Bạn thích điều gì nhất ở TPHCM?)
  • What do you dislike about Ho Chi Minh City? ( Bạn không thích điều gì ở TPHCM?)
  • Does Ho Chi Minh City have a lot of tourist? (TPHCM có nhiều khách du lịch không?)
  • Do you have a favorite place in Ho Chi Minh City? ( Nơi yêu thích của bạn trong TPHCM là nơi nào?)
  • What things make Ho Chi Minh City special? (Điều gì làm cho TPHCM trở nên đặc biệt?)
  • What do you want Ho Chi Minh City to change in the future? (Bạn muốn TPHCM thay đổi điều gì trong tương lai?)

Từ vựng về chủ đề Talk about Ho Chi Minh City 

  • Head of the city: khu trung tâm thành phố
  • Shopping centre = shopping mall: khu trung tâm mua sắm
  • Cost of living: mức sống
  • Sprawling city: thành phố lớn
  • Cosmopolitan city: thành phố lớn, đa chủng tộc
  • high-rise flat: căn hộ nhiều tầng
  • the hustle and bustle of life: nhịp sống hối hả
  • Lively= vibrant = bustling: sinh động, rộn ràng, nhộn nhịp
  • fashionable boutique: cửa hàng thời trang
  • Extravagant/Lavish lifestyle: lối sống xa hoa
  • Imposing building: những tòa nhà lớn
  • The rat race: lối sống chạy đua nhau
  • Downtown: trung tâm thành phố
  • Residential area: khu dân cư sinh sống
  • Chain store: chuỗi cửa hàng đồ hiệu
  • Lively bars/restaurants:  quán bar, nhà hàng sinh động
  • A city that never sleeps: thành phố luôn luôn bận rộn 24/7
  • bumper-to-bumper traffic: tắc nghẽn kéo dài, xe cộ nối đuôi nhau
  • Densely populated metropolitan area: khu vực đô thị tập trung đông dân cư
  • Poor hygiene and sanitation: điều kiện vệ sinh, hệ thống xử lý rác thải nghèo nàn
  • Quaint old buildings: những tòa nhà cổ có nét khác lạ độc đáo
  • Worth-living: đáng sống
  • To ameliorate: cải thiện

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Một vài cụm từ thường dùng trong chủ đề Talk about Ho Chi Minh City

  • to close down = to stop doing business: ngừng hoạt động kinh doanh
  • To get around = to travel around: đi loanh quanh
  • to settle down: ổn định cuộc sống
  • to get familiar with: quen với cái gì
  • to lend a helping hand: giúp đỡ ai đó
  • to be stuck in the traffic jam: bị kẹt xe
  • to indulge yourself in sth/doing sth: đắm chìm vào cái gì/làm gì
  • Be surrounded by picturesque natural landscapes: được bao quanh bởi cảnh quan thiên nhiên đẹp như tranh vẽ
  • To escape from the daily grind = opt out of the rat race: thoát khỏi guồng quay cuộc sống
  • To be a sucker for city life: thích cuộc sống thành thị

Tổng hợp các đoạn văn mẫu về chủ đề Talk About Ho Chi Minh City

Talk about Ho Chi Minh City

Bài mẫu Talk about Ho Chi Minh City – bài mẫu 1

My home city in southern Vietnam is Ho Chi Minh City, also known as Saigon. Despite being over 300 years old and having undergone significant changes, this city still has many historical landmarks, including Ben Thanh Market and the Saigon Botanical Garden. Despite the fact that this city is currently congested, with frequent traffic jams and high pollution levels, it keeps attracting new residents, including immigrants and foreign nationals. Additionally, the climate can be quite harsh at times, especially from June to September.

People typically picture a growing metropolis with a mix of historic and modern buildings when they think of my city. Pagodas and temples are examples of old buildings. Newer ones, however, have a lot of towers and commercial buildings,… Saigon is a fast-paced city, so most residents choose to spend their weekends at the mall or at an arbitrarily chosen coffee shop with friends and family. However, some people prefer to stroll down Nguyen Hue’s pedestrian strip and take pictures.

Personally, I’m super pleased to be a Saigonese because I have access to a wide range of conveniences and because this is where I was born, raised, and where my family has made their home.


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Từ vựng:

  • historical landmarks: các địa danh lịch sử
  • Saigon Botanical Garden: Thảo Cầm Viên
  • growing metropolis: đô thị đang phát triển
  • fast-paced city: thành phố phát triển với tốc độ nhanh
  • Nguyen Hue’s pedestrian street: phố đi bộ Nguyễn Huệ

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Bài mẫu Talk about Ho Chi Minh City Part 2

I live in Ho Chi Minh City, which is the biggest and most populous city in Vietnam. When I mention this place, a lot of people might already be accustomed to it. There is much to talk about Saigon, and we have access to almost everything we require right here. The roads are typically crowded, there are high-rise buildings all around, and it seems like everyone is very busy.

It is difficult to travel even a short distance during rush hour, and the streets look like they are on fire from the heat of the exhaust fumes. Saigon is indeed not quiet until late at night, but there are always people lingering out past midnight.

The residents of this city, which is renowned for never sleeping, are also extremely busy. I must admit that Saigon is fairly complex when we first get there because it is so densely populated with people from all over the country and even the world. However, in my opinion, this city is still a fantastic and respectable place to reside.

Từ vựng:

  • the heat of exhaust fumes: nhiệt tỏa ra từ khói thải
  • lingering out: nán lại
  • densely populated: dân cư đông đúc

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Bài mẫu Talk about Ho Chi Minh City Part 3

So allow me to give you a quick overall picture of my favorite Vietnamese city, Ho Chi Minh. I should start off by emphasizing that HCMC is the geographic center of southern Vietnam. Of course, you know, it’s true to say that this city, specifically the southern industrial system, holds the top spot in the nation.

I guess I should really say that HCMC has a dynamic lifestyle that draws people from all walks of life because of its welcoming environment, progressive attitude toward life, mixed culture, and rapid rhythm. It might be simpler to discover amenities and gorgeous scenery in this city so we can enjoy ourselves there. Visitors can find their favorite dishes in HCMC by choosing from a wide variety of regional specialties from around the country and the rest of the world.

Everyone has so many opportunities in this city to advance their careers, especially young people who want to set up a prestigious social position. Additionally, HCMC makes it a good place for foreigners to unwind because it’s so easy to take a tour of the city or the western provinces in a few days, run along the beach, climb a mountain, and do other activities if they need fresh air.

Given everything mentioned above, it’s completely obvious why I fell in love with this city. I consider myself to be an energetic person who needs to live in a city with continuous progress all around, and HCM city meets my needs. Actually, I have lived there for about two years, and from my perspective, I intend to stay here for the rest of my life.

Từ vựng

  • from all walks of life: từ mọi tầng lớp xã hội
  • a rapid rhythm: một nhịp sống vội:
  • prestigious social position: vị trí xã hội rực rỡ
  • unwind: thư giãn
  • run along the beach: đi dọc bãi biển

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